The Force Is Strong In This One…..

LOL! Okay not really but for as long as I can remember I have loved Star Wars(cept the new ones..sorry but garbage) and I also LOVE cookies so why not make my first REAL post about both. I wanted to be different. I wanted to not be cutesy because I honestly don’t do cute very well. I can if I want but I hate it. I like being different. No, I love being different. I’m  a nutty girl.

Anyway, I saw a few sets of Star Wars art on the internet and well I thought these would be cool. The following aren’t meant to disrespect a culture but they are in fact reminiscent of Day of the Dead sugar skulls. See?

I wish I could remember where I saw the artwork so that I could show you. I didn’t copy exactly but I did what I could with what I have. 🙂

Now if you don’t wanna do that, you can go simple and cute and that is what I did here:

Take it or leave it. I hope some of you enjoyed what I did here. I hope to be around a little more but I won’t promise.



8 responses to “The Force Is Strong In This One…..

  1. lilaloa

    SUCH a fun take on Star Wars!!! I love the detail in the top ones! And, I don’t know what it is about that C-3PO in circle form — but I just can’t look away!!

  2. i love these–day of the dead–i love a good mashup! great job!!

  3. great job on all your takes on this theme. I love your work!

  4. If I got birthday cookies, it would have to be these!!!

  5. melody (sweet ivy confections)

    Nice work!

  6. thatcrazybrownchick

    Thanks everyone

  7. Really, really cute! I missed it for this year, but there is always next year…

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